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Re-Directed Post (by rcowart): Seeking Resources for Appraising Gibson Hollow-Bodies


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Hey all--


A new computer user--but forty-year Gibson player--is looking for resources to help him in appraising the value of some Gibsons from some years back. Because he is still getting the hang of the forum, I am taking the liberty of reposting his question here with a new topic heading so it doesn't get lost in the ES-333 thread where he accidently posted it.


rcowart wrote:

I'm Ron and new at computer use so bare with me. I'm interested in finding out the value on some old Gibson guitars I've been playing for about fourty years, and don't know how to go about it. I thought maybe some one on this site may be able to help. I have an old ES-335TD ,Mahogany color,all original and in excellent condition. She still plays like a dream and screams incredibly.How do I go about my quest?


I do know that Joe Vinikow at archtop.com does appraisals although there is a fee for his work and research. Information on Joe's appraisal method is found by clicking this link: Archtop.com Accessories and Services Page and then clicking on the link "Appraisals and Research." Joe does not need the guitar in hand to make the appraisal, but he then needs you do to some homework on knowing all the little ins and outs of the body of the instrument, so there is some work required from the guitar's owner as well. The results are well worth the price if one is only doing a guitar or two at a time, but it could be quite costly for a large collection.


[i probably should make clear that I have no financial interest in archtop.com. I am just a very satisfied customer whose has had great work and an appraisal done by Joe and his staff.]


Anyone else want to chime in on various resources for appraising instruments? I can't for the life of me remember what the "blue book" for vintage guitars is called at the moment so if anyone recalls that, it would be helpful.



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