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So i've been playing guitar for a couple years now, on my epiphone "limited edition Les paul custom silverburst."

Ive played the life out of the guitar and im starting to look for a new one, around a 2000 budget or so, and so thats where the traditional pro comes in, if you all could help me out with some things id appreciate it alot.


- Ive been told (weird case here ) that even though i have pretty sweaty hands that destroy the neck of most gibsons, the neck on the traditional pro can withstand it. Is there truth in that?


- How well can it handle metal (I play stuff like August Burns red, Blessthefall, that type of music)

- and if not all that great for metal with the stock pickups, would it be worth it just to replace them?


- If this guitar isnt well suited for something like that, any other LP suggestions?


Im not a fan of the skinny ibanez necks and i do like the play style of my epiphone, so thats why im looking here for help.

Thanks in advance ( :

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The Traditional Pro's have satin finish on the back and neck, but thats not to say an overly acidic sweat can't harm it Just wipe it down frequently and clean it regularly. It can definitely handle metal at least with the bridge pickup (burstbucker 3).


You might want to look into a used Classic the ceramic pickups might be more suited for your needs.

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