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CS refinish?


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The Custom Shop very rarely takes in guitars for work, and usually they are celebrity owned when they do. Gibson USA does repair and restoration work and would be your best bet. You will probably have to go through a dealer, but call Gibson's customer service and ask them. I know the CS would only do quotes for custom orders through a dealer, but since they no longer do custom orders the point is moot. Is there any particular reason why it has to be done by Gibson? You could probably find a local luthier who could do the work for you. Refins can cost anywhere from a couple of hundred to a couple of thousands of dollars depending on the lacquers used and what you actually want done. You say you are not worried about depreciation (although even a refin by Gibson can cut future value by half, if there is any future value that is) then find a local person to do it. Gibson uses nitrocellulose lacquers so all you need is to find someone who uses the same.

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