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Is this vintage?


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A friend of mine brought me an Explorer to fix it to original specs to sell.


It's got a decal in the back of the neck that says "Limited Edition" plus pressure-stamped "Made in USA" and the following number "01481352".


Can somebody tell me if this guitar REALLY IS a vintage one? The wiring's been tampered with by a non-pro, so I'd like to know what pickups should be inside, as I'm afraid he's been ripped-off...


Yours very truly,


Pepe aka Lt. Koajk

Milano, Italy

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Hi ltkojak--


Welcome to the forum!


If I am reading the serial number correctly, the Explorer you are describing was made on the 148th day of 2001 because Gibson serial numbers typically start with the last two digits of the year of manufacture with the number of the day in between them, following this format: YDDDY. So for instance, the 100th day of 2008 would look like this 01008. The final three numbers refer to the place of the instrument in the order of manufacture for that day.


I don't think "Vintage" is the proper term for a guitar made in 2001. At this point vintage almost always refers to instruments made at least thirty years ago. A 1960s instrument is definitely vintage at this point, and some early '70s instruments are. I suppose some people might call late-1970s instruments vintage, but I'm not sure that would be a usual term just yet, but because those instruments are getting close to thirty years, I bet they will be called vintage as well.


In general, though, I think most people at this point in time think of vintage instruments as pre-1970. Therefore, if you need help with specs on the instrument you are discussing, then I would re-post your question here (click folder name to go there): Explorers, Firebirds, Flying Vs, and Other Gibson Solidbody Sub-Folder Folder


I hope that helps!



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