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ES-175 replacement tuning machines


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Hello all,


New forum member here seeking some info. I have two guitars I would like to replace the tuning machines on. One is a 1964 ES-175 whose buttons have completely disintegrated making them unusable. About 10 yrs. or so ago, I replaced a few individual machines but the newer buttons were larger in size than the original. I'm wondering if the Gibson Vintage Les Paul Pearloid machine tuning heads that I see on Musician's Friend site are more historically correct for this year ES-175 as well. From the images, they LOOK like slightly smaller buttons and ever so slight different shape.


Anybody have any info on the best replacements for this guitar that would help retain it's value (and also keep it in tune)?


I also have a 1974 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe that I refurbished in high school. At the time I put more modern metal machine heads on it but would like to take it back to the pearloid buttons - would the vintage or standard deluxe tuners be more applicable for this year?


thanks for any info!

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