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I don't mean to hijack a thread or anything, but I've got a question about an epi amp that I've aquired and I was wondering if anyone might know something about it.


It's a valve special amp, with some onboard effects (reverb, chorus, flange & delay). It's not a bad little amp. I can't seem to find any info on it other than it's been discontinued and is no longer being made.


I'm wanting to sell it basically, and I have no idea what the thing is worth and I don't want someone ripping me off. I hardly expect it to be a collectable or anything, since there must be a reason that it was discontinued...I'm guessing they didn't sell well. Would anyone happen to know what these amp ssold for when they were being produced? I'm guessing somewhere aroud the $300 range...any thoughts? It's in pristine condition. Not a scratch on it and it works perfectly. It's a great little practice amp with a good tube tone. I personally think that onboard effects are crap, but that's just me.


I can't find one listed on ebay anywhere, and I'm wondering why. I'd hate to sell it for a c note and find out later that it's some highly sought after little tube amp that isn't being produced anymore. I know that's unlikely, but you wouldn't believe my lousy luck..haha.


I'd appreciate any help anyone could give me. I know that this technically should be posted on epiphones forum, but I can't seem to get that forum to work.





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