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Songwriter special ?


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First, there is a whole series of posts on the Songwriter Special in this forum. Do a search and you will find them all. You can use the forum engine or directly from the Gibson.com homepage.


Second, the Songwriter Special is a stunningly beautiful instrument. And, it plays wonderfully. I was disappointed with mine; however, via self-introspection and discussion on this forum, I came to realize that the disappointment was because I really longed for a different guitar.


The Songwriter Special is NOT a Songwriter Deluxe Cutaway....It is a Special. The heritage of the Songwriter is certainly shared, but they are cousins, not siblings.


I WILL buy another one before the availability is gone. So, that tells you a little something. I have the Deluxe Cutaway and will also get the Special (again).


Hope the forum history helps you out.....PM me if you want to discuss further outside the forum.

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