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Anyone Preordered Their Prophecy Yet?


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I've already got mine on order (since mid january). I was getting really frustrated because neither Gibson nor Musiciansfriend.com would give me an estimated date as to when I could expect my guitar to arrive (musiciansfriend hasn't received their first order in yet, and the release date of this guitar was 1-25-08). Finally a kind gentleman from Gibson responded to my emails and told me that it's a good possibility that the Prophecy line should be available in the states in about a month or so. The guitars have to be shipped from China (I guess I right on this, I think epiphones aren't made in Korea anymore...I could be wrong), and then they have to pass the Homeland Security inspections before they can be distributed to the authorized dealers. I assume this can take some time.

I personally am going to pee my pants when I get my SG (with the EMG pick-ups...freakin' sweet!). I'd better go get some adult diapers after work j/k. :)


Anyone else preorder a prophecy yet?

What do you think about the line?

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