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Epiphone C70CE Acoustic Electric Questions


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Just purchased a used one, but I have several questions since this is my first acoustic/electric and there's no manual

1) I have 1/4 mono cable for the "Hi-Z" port, but what is that "LOW-Z BAL." port for?

2) How to attach the guitar strap? there's no strap button near the ports, however a strrap did come with the guitar.

3) the saddle look like a triangular prizm, is there a way to use a standard saddle? the base of the saddle looks wider than standard saddle piece.

4) has anyone tried attaching acoustic/electric guitar to Bose radio?

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Firstly, congratulations on your new guitar.


1) Low-Z BAL is a connection for a 3-conductor, low impedance, balanced line. You can connect it directly to anything that accepts Low-Z...soundboards, some acoustic amps, and some recording devices.


2) When you say ports, are you referring to the jacks for the cables? Usually you'll have a strap button on the very bottom of the guitar as you're looking at it if it were sitting in a stand, and another at the heel, or alternately you can tie a shoelace or something similar to the strap and then under the strings at the neck just behind the nut.


3) I'd need a picture for this, I'm not sure what you're talking about.


4) I'm sure somebody has, but it wasn't me.


Hope this helps a little.

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