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L.R Baggs iMIX (Epiphone Masterbilt AJ-500RNS)

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-L.R. Baggs iMIX System-


Best in the class for natural tone. I have it in my AJ-500RNS, and this thing projects nothing but pure tone. Put it in a crappy guitar and it will sound like crap. You want a pick-up to make your guitar sound nothing like it is naturally, go for a expression system..hints..."Expression". Better yet get a Taylor lol. I wish Taylor would get new pick-ups.


Set the "VOLUME" 3/4, "MIX" 3/4 piezo (1/4 mic)


Make sure you get a sound hole cover for feedback, and have no more than 3/4 piezo cause outside of that you get a huge unwanted treble boost, specially on dreadnoughts and slope-shoulders.


Dont put this pick-up in a cut-away or thin-body guitar...pointless.

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