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Epiphone Masterbuilt EF500r-vs


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I'm a new member and new fan of Epiphone Masterbuilt guitars. However, I don't own one YET. I am looking for a masterbuilt ef500r-vs. Looks like this model has been discontinued for the ef500ra-vs. The RA is just too fancy looking for me. You think they will bring back the plainer model? Anyone know where I could find one? Looks like I just will have to settle for the natural finish model. Would like any reviews on this guitar. Where is the best place to buy one of these guitars online? Thanks for any information

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Sweetwater seems like the place to buy as far as I can tell. I got my DR-500M off of ebay for dirt cheap and I must say it sounds and feels incredible. I have not seen a spruce sunburst 500R for sometime so I can't help you there. I may be picking up a used 500RCCE (cedar top) sunburst soon but if I don't and you're interested I can send you the contact info (I should know whether or not I'm buying it at the end of the week give or take).


Here are a few recordings if you wanted to listen (all of the reviews seem to be in praise of it from what I've heard):


Spruce top:


Cedar top:




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