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Tuner question on my new AJ-500MEVS


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I just purchased an EJ-500MEVS today. It is a fantastic sounding guitar. I had it setup and put some D'Addarion EXP strings on it. I have a question about the on board tuner though. I can't seem to get the green light to come on when the strings are right on tune. It shows either flat or sharp. When I check the strings with my Korg tuner they are right dead center. I can get the green light to flash quickly on the tuner on the guitar but it will not stay there, the tuner shows either flat or sharp. I even put a fresh set of batteries in. Has anyone else seen this problem? Am I doing something wrong?


Follow up: Tonight, I got the green light to come on on all strings except the low E string. It will not move off flat even though the Kord tuner says it is dead on center in tune. I tuned it from e flat to an F and the on board tuner just kept showing it as being flat. When I went to the 12th fret on the low E string and tuned it there, the green light would come on along with the red flat light.

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