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Need Info on Model B upright


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Anyone? I have an upright, serial #1562. It's a blonde bass with brass hardware on the scroll/pegbox. There is nothing inside - no labels - none - zero/zip/nada. I'm looking for the manufacture date and any other information available for this instrument. Thanks!


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If it's a New York Epi, then based on what I've seen on the web, that serial puts the year around 1947-48. But if it was made in Kalamazoo, it would be the late Fifties/early Sixities. The B-5 was the top of the line Epiphone bass. If the tuning hardware is original, the plates will be engraved and also say whether it was made in New York or Kalamazoo. Look towards the bottom of the plate, as on this Kalamazoo Epi:



(picture from: http://www.bluegrassbassplace.com/phpBB/viewtopic.php?t=1078&highlight=epiphone )


Finding info is difficult, but dedicated bass forums may be able to help:



Apparently the B-5 was the bass used in recording "Rock Around the Clock"


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