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Bridge rattles


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Next to the bridge pins you should notice a circle or piece of inlay on either side of the bridge. These hide the heads of the bridge bolts. Opposite these, on the inside, are nuts. These nuts come loose once in a while and they and the washers undeneath can buzz and rattle when the guitar is strummed hard enough or at the right frequency. Reach inside to see if one or both are loose. If so, remove one of the nuts, get a socket to fit it, then daub a bit of white glue on the bolt sticking out before threading the nut on. Be sure to re-install the washer first. Then with the socket, snug up the nut. Not too tight now, ou don't want to crush the wood under the washer. That's why I recommend only using the socket and not the ratchet handle or driver handle. You can easily over torque. The white glue acts like a thread locker.

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