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adding Humbucker Covers to Zebra-coil burstbucker pros question


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Hi my fellow guitar loving people,


I have a question for you all.


Last year I bought a Gibson Les Paul Faded tobacco Burst


A dream of a guitar, wich I worked very hard for. I'm in love with although there's some


minor thing I want to change about it.


My pick ups are Zebra-coil Burstbucker Pros. I LOVE their sound, but the vieuw in combination

with the tobacco burst I don't think matches very well.

So I wanted to add some Gibson Humbucker Covers. (codes: PRPC-30 & PRPC-035)


I was wondering, will it have an effect on the sound of my guitar. If, Yes, will it be a dramatic change or more subtle.

And can I just go by these covers in the shop and put these on my self (I am an eletrician so I'm quite handy with a screwdriver, although I'm not a guitar builder and what I really don't want to do is **** up my les paul)

Yesterday someone told me that if you add these covers their has to be put some wax in between pickups and covers

after hearing this I didn't want to do it myself. Before I bring it to the shop I first wanted to hear some more opinions on this matter.



Thanks a lot for your help, insights, sharing of experience,...

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In the past distant, I had removed the metal covers just to be different. I don't think it makes much difference with the music I played..rock/blues/metal...


With a metal cover you would have to solder the cover to the PU bottom to ground the cover.


No need to pot your PU's. You only need to pot the PU's if they are microphonic..here is a site explaining microphonic and how potting should be done if your PU's are microphonic. Fun project to do and easy, too.





You might have to highlight/copy and paste the link...

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