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HNGD - Epiphone Korea Burst 1996


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Mint condition. Barely played. I have been looking for a humbucker Les Paul for a year now.

Finally I found her. I played many chinese LPs in stores, none of them was of this class.

This guitar is (IMO) better than my former Gibson LP Std 1978, both as a player and its handicraft.


Now I don't need anymore guitars...=P~



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Nice Les Paul' date=' Atomheart. So it plays well, but how does it sound?


Oh yeah, and no more guitars? No, just no.[/quote']



It sounds like a Les Paul is supposed to sound. I don't use a lot of distortion, so I'm not dependent of the best pickups, so I can't speak for its pups, but the guitar itself is awesome. Low soft action, newly had gotten a setup before a bough her.

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I've not blended the sounds from these with a S-D, but I'm a BIG fan of EMG pickups in Les Pauls.

I would check this one out, or the EMG-85.




Might not be everyone's style, but I like the fullness of the sound that comes from EMGs.

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