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Epiphone Hummingbird : What strings?

Damien Sullins

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I am fairly new to playing guitars. In fact I have only been taking lessons for 6 months. I started with an entry level Fender acoustic. In fact was one of those package deals where you get gig bag,tuner,DVD ,etc..

It was alright for a while. It is easy to play. In fact the strings got to close to the fret board and I had to take it to a shop for a tech to readjust the neck. In the meantime I went to Guitar Center here in Oklahoma City USA.


I was looking for something that was a step up from what I had. Anyway I bought a Epiphone Hummingbird.

It is beautiful of course and has a much better sound than the cheap Fender.

It seems to me that it is quite a bit more difficult to hold cords than what I expected.


What I wondered is what guage strings would any of you reccomend for this guitar? I have some extra light Martin strings. I think the ones on my new Hummingbird are medium guage. So do I need to put lighter strings on my Hummingbird? Or is this just a characteristic of this particular guitar?


Thank you for you help

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I ended up taking the Hummingbird to a Guitar Tech. Many years of experience. He said that the fret was defective. He also said that he had a couple other Epiphone Acoustics brought in with fret and problems.

So I took it back and got something different. I still intend to purchace a Epi Hummingbird but want to make sure Epiphone has got their problems fixed.

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