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new here so presentation and pups questions!


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hi everyone!


i'm new on here, found that page through the gibson forum!


to make it fast, i'm 25, i'm from france and got really into guitar one year and a half ago.

always been interested to learn about that instrument, and how to play but only had the money, time and all a year or so ago!


well i'm the happy owner of an epiphone (i think it's a les paul or something) from 1994 that i got from a workmate and bought my dream guitar few months ago even if i'm still a crap at playing.

the dream guitar is a gibson les paul 1980 standart red wine.


here are some pics of my ladies:





i wonder why the epi is easier than the gibby to play i think it's due to my skills.

anyway it's time for questions.

i love my epi but the sound isn't that good! too clear for me. don't know how to explain that in "clear english".

so i wanna change the pick up. as i don't know a lot i wanted to ask you all experts on here what kind of pickups can fit on my epi? what kind you recommand me? and if i can try to change them myself (remember i'm a newbie in all the guitar things!) and if i can't who i can ask to do it for me and how much you think it's gonna cost me?


to be honest i really wanna try it myself, that's the best way to learn rite?


thanks for your replies


kind regards iggy

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I would think that just about any humbucker sized pickup would fit into the Epi (looks like a Les Paul 100, by the way). Fitting them yourself wouldn't be too hard, but make sure you know what you're doing first because it can be easy to mess up. If you don't want to do it yourself, just take it into a local music store and with a bit of luck they will do it for you, although I'm not sure how much that would cost.

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thanks for the quick answer! =D>

really appreciated, i wanna try to give it a try. what should i know first except which humbuckers is the neck one and which one is the bridge one?? :P

that's approximatly all i know! for the electric stuff i'm guessing the threads have a different color so i can't mess up that!

should i google an electric shema for guitar?

thanks for your help and advices!

cheers iggy

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Depending on which pickups you get, they might come with a wiring diagram, but even so it would be a good idea to search the net for some tutorials. It is a fairly straight forward procedure, but if you haven't done it before it won't hurt to have a few instructions standing by!


As for which pickup is bridge and which is neck, they will be labeled so there should be no problems there. Good luck with this, and what kind of pickups are you planning on getting?

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thanks for the tips! will look around on the space what i can find about that and will decide if i do that myself or have to find someone!

i'd like to put on some seymour duncan ones, but don't know which one yet! perhaps some P90 of some kind! all i know about them is what i read on the net so any advices will be usefull.

which one do you recommand me for that guitar?


thanks for all!

xoxoox iggy

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