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Looking for mods for my Electar 10

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I bought this amp about a year ago and although I like having a full onboard EQ and gain knob that is independant of the volume I have found the gain severly lacking, as in next to non existance.I was wondering if there were a mod to fix this. I used to run a Behringer VT999 tube monster but it died leaving me to ignore the amp for awhile. I used to play it just as much as I play my Crate Vintage Club5212. I would use the ext. speaker and run it through the Swamp Thangs in my Vintage Club, but without a decent gain stage...Its not fun for me. I play hard rock,and use a lyriad of gain settings, sometimes very little sometimes ALOT, but right now this amp has next to none, I have tried a variety of Preamp and power amp tubes to no avail

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