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Before Recommending/Using The Guitar Dater Read This!


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I know that this is probably (by now) common knowledge/old news, but...


To everyone who uses/directs anybody to The Guitar Dater Project, DO NOT! take the information provided as definitive or as a sign/indication of a guitar's true authenticity, as the information provided isn't very accurate, and MANY people have been led to believe that the [Gibson] guitars they have either purchased or are planning on purchasing (possibly from a counterfeiter), are real when in fact that's not often the case.


The best way to find out the authenticity of ANY Gibson guitar is to contact Gibson Customer Service, and provide them with the serial # in question. And even though there are no guarantees (due to the VERY complicated/unorganized serial number records), they will be able to provide more accurate/in-depth information on most guitars.



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