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Is there a way other than the retainer wire to keep the saddles in the bridge?


I ask cause i saw some tonepros bridge and they dont use retainer wire.


hm... i Replaced the saddles on the lock-tone epi bridge which required removing the wire.


Didnt wanna fuss with putting it back so i just let the string tension hold the saddles on.


Anyone know of a trick to keep them on if the retainer wire is removed?

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Bridges that work without the retaining wire typically just screw right through the body of the bridge, then through the saddle to hold them down. The retaining wire is used because it makes it a pinch to change saddles, I guess. I personally don't find it that hard to put back in either :P

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I just took a new Tone Pros bridge apart (metric for my Epiphone Dot) because the saddles were the wrong way around, for me that is. I like the intonation screws facing the pickups rather than the tail, and the notched saddles had to be reversed.


There is no external saddle retainer wire like the ABR-1, but lurking inside each saddle position is a very small pretzel-shaped spring to hold the adjustment screw. I was clueless, and one of the little buggers fell out, bounced off the table into some deep pile carpeting. I spent some quality time with that carpet till I found it. [cool]


The lesson learned is to keep the bridge right side up when you unscrew the saddle all the way. Dealing with one larger retainer wire is much easier.


I think these springs are on other Nashville style bridges as well, so I don't fault TonePros. I was just used to the ABR wire.


BTW, I love the TP bridge, it is the model with factory installed Graph Tech saddles. Much sweeter tone than metal saddles.



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