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Ephiphone Dot Identification


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Hello all,


I recently acquired a tobacco-sunburst Dot through a trade and would appreciate a bit of help identifying it. The serial number is 0809212666, on an oval sticker inside the sound hole. I nave had no luck finding any help via the search engines. Also, there is a circular logo on the back of the headstock, 'Limited Edition' around the top of the circle, 'Custom Shop' around the bottom of the circle, and 'Epiphone' in a line across the middle.


Any help, direction, etc, would be greatly appreciated.





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Hi Mark' date='


and welcome here.


Your guitar was made year 08 month 09 factorycode 21 = Unsung Korea production # 2666



You get more information in this topic






Thanks for your help, Peter. Do you know where I can find anything about the logo on back of the headstock? I am unable to find a similar logo on any of the Epi's at my local big-box music shop (Guitar Center).




P. S. South of Germany - Isn't that called Switzerland? ;-) I spent a couple of years in Mannheim, all expenses paid courtesy of my Uncle Sam. I loved it. Wish I could get my wife to go back with me... [biggrin]

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This Logo ?



There is no real "Custom-Shop"' date=' this is used for special editions or limited runs





No no swiss cheese man at all[biggrin']

I live half an hour near Würzburg

it's a little south of the "white-sausage-equator"


That's it exactly, except that it is gold on my guitar, to go with the gold hardware, I suppose.


You've been a big help, sir.


Vielen Dank!

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