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Epiphone 6732 clarification


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OK, I have a question. All the 6732's that I have seen start with a 0 on the serial number. Mine is 109774 and says nothing at all about being made in Japan. It does have "union made" in the bottom left hand corner, but all the pics here have a dark blue behind the "union made" writing.


Are all 6732's made in Japan? Is it possible that mine was made in MI?



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I may have posted this in another thread, but here goes.


6XXX models were ONLY made in Japan. Evidence points to the fact that left over Kalamazoo labels were sent to Japan for the start up of the Matsumoku Epiphone line. The 6xxx models and model numbers were a direct copy of Aria models Matsumoku was already manufactureing, except for Epipone headstocks and lablels. This was done in late 1970/early 1971. After that the Epiphone "FT" numbering system was instituted


I have seen some "Union Made" labels with the 'U.. M.." lined out with black marker and and 'Made in Japan' rubber stamped in the lower right corner.


Your example appears to have been made before the label editing was being done or just got missed.


I can say with great certaintly that this model was made in late '70 / early '71.


Serial numbers at Matsumoku were anything but serial. No one, to this day, knows their system at that point in time.

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