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Beautiful duet


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Two immensely talented and unique vocalists collabrating to make something very unique


Apparently they were an item at the time of Buckleys tragic death


And there are rumours she wrote Teardrop by Massive Attack (which she famously performs brilliant vocals on)

for him, very interesting if true, it was recorded a short time after his death





I've recently been getting back into Trip Hop (look it up, obscure genre)


Listening to mile stones such as Mezzanine by Massive Attack, Dummy by Portishead, and Maxinquaye by Tricky


I would recommend any of them albums to anyone [sneaky]


To finish off the post





Adore the vocals and the guitar, so surreal, dark, atmospheric, yet uplifting


I went to see Massive Attack at Glasto 2008 instead of Jay Z, sue me :) There was a really good turn out actually, That song was the highlight for me

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