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Hey there' date='

I`m desperatey looking for a GM-4T - vintage, or not. As musicyo.com is busy to manage their "out of stock" please one of you guys let me know if you have knowledge of any sale. Thanx.[/quote']



Hello Hexenmeister & Leidensgenosse,


I'm just through a similar situation, desperately looking for a GM-7TA, after watching musicyo for almost two years without success. See this thread: Steinberger USA (I entered this thread somewhere in the middle).


The tip to ask in the Steinberger list (at yahoo groups) was definitely a good one. I registered, posted my wish, and within *minutes* the GM-7 appeared on ebay, including a "buy it now" option. Yes, this sounds like magic or "mind forms reality", but it is as it is: I'm now waiting for the GM-7 to arrive... after searching for two years.


Well, to cut this short: publish your search also here: Steinberger World Mailing List


Maybe you'll be as successful as me :-)



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