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7/31/08: Arlen Roth - Chuck Berry's Double Stops

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Arlen Roth's Daily Lesson: Chuck Berry's Double Stops


Gabriel J. Hernandez | 07.31.2008




You can argue all day long about who was the first "true" rock and roll artist. There's no doubt, however, as to who was the very first "true" rock and roll guitarist, an honor that falls definitively to Chuck Berry.


Considered the King of Rock and Roll Guitar, Berry was a master of the double-stop style of playing guitar. Double-stops—or harmony licks—are probably the most imitated guitar licks of all time, and Arlen Roth shows you in today's daily lesson how to make them a part of your guitar-playing repetoire.


Roth believes you can't learn to play double-stops without learning the way Berry did it, and he may be right. When considering the artists that came after Berry, using the same style—namely the Rolling Stones and the Beatles—there's no doubt his style was a major influence to many.


Berry was famous for using only one finger for his harmony licks, but Roth demonstrates using multiple combinations of fingers for better control over the bending and harmonic aspects of the licks.

Click here for today's fabulous daily guitar lesson from Arlen Roth >>


And please don't forget to check Gibson Lifestyle tomorrow for the week's lesson replay.

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