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8/06/08: Arlen Roth - Wes Montgomery-style Octaves

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Arlen Roth's Daily Lesson: Wes Montgomery-style Octaves






Jazz legend Wes Montgomery is responsible for pioneering many new techniques and sounds to the jazz style of playing guitar. But none is more famous than his distinct style of using octave notes when playing either rhythm or lead jazz parts.


In today's exclusive lesson from Gibson Lifestyle, Arlen Roth takes a look at Montgomery's renowned technique, and shows the correct way to play it and incorporate it into your own style of playing.


Roth clearly demonstrates how this important style is one of the most imitated sounds in all guitar music, though many times it is not played properly. Roth's lesson will show you how to correctly use your thumb to get the "brush" technique of strumming the octave notes, while leaving you with a few practice tips to help you master the technique.


Click here for today's exclusive guitar lesson from Arlen Roth and Gibson Lifestyle >>


And please don't forget to check back tomorrow for another exclusive lesson from Gibson Lifestyle!

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