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Hello all,

First post here. I am more of a 60's Fender guy, DON'T HIT ME! I recently purchase a molested '59 bassman only for the guts, as currently sits in a plywood cabinet and has some crappy speakers... But i noticed something strange about it... The handle on it caught my eye, and due to my lack of Gibson knowledge I did some research and found that it came from a mid 50's-early 60's Gibson GA-40 amp. I am sure you guys already know this was the "Les Paul" amp and are quite saught after. My question is: How valuable is this handle and what should I do to get it in the right hands?... I am a student at Texas A&M University, I'm getting married in March and graduating in May. (SO MONEY SOUNDS WONDERFUL TO ME!) Please help me get this thing into good hands. It looks just like the one in the picture

Thanks, and feel free to contact me: 210-884-2454 or marcus8820065@yahoo.com

-Mark.post-27845-033621600 1292223670_thumb.jpg

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