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8/19/08: Arlen Roth - Harmony Shuffle Licks

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Arlen Roth's Daily Lesson: Harmony Shuffle Licks


Gabriel J. Hernandez | 08.19.2008




The "Harmony" shuffle licks are very similar to the ordinary shuffle licks discussed in previous lessons. The difference is that they require a little more coordination and flexibility from your left hand. And even though many of you probably already know how to play these licks, they're still very important for developing a great blues and rock guitar foundation.


In today's lesson, Arlen Roth breaks down the harmony shuffle licks and demonstrates just how easy they really are. Roth starts off by showing the licks in open A, E, D, and G positions, then explains how to use them in closed positions as well. He also describes how to properly keep one of your left-handed fingers "on the track" as the lick moves up and down the neck.


Additionally, Roth discusses open position hammer-ons that can give the harmony shuffle licks more character.


Click here to go to today's lesson from Arlen Roth >>


And please don't forget to check back tomorrow for yet another fabulous guitar lesson from Arlen Roth, exclusively from Gibson Lifestyle!

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