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Opinions on GA77


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Hi guys!


I'm eyeballing a GA77 from the late 50's. It's the model without reverb or trem.

Im looking for that good jazz and blues tone.


How does this amp sound? Is there a comparison you can make to more well known amp (fender deluxe or something?)



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Guest BentonC

I haven't heard one before, but it looks to have 12AX7 and 6L6, with a 5V4 rectifier. It should have a pretty smooth tone overall (of course someone who is better at diagnosing the circuit itself may be able to correct me on that...). At 25 Watts, I'd say it should make a pretty good club amp for just about any type of music if it is in good shape.

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I have an early one (probably a '54) with two 12AX7s, 6SL7, 6J5 phase-inverter, two 6L6s, a 5V4 rectifier, and a Weber re-coned Jensen P15N speaker.


The sound is very thick, not much treble at higher volumes...it REALLY compresses when overdriven.


Also, it's supposedly a 25-watt amp, but due to the tone-network doesn't really seem that loud.


That said, I really like it as it has a unique sound not found in other amps.

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