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Gibson Custom Shop Guitar Pickups, can i special order pickups?


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Let's say i would like to order an Custon Shop Les Paul 59 Historic Limited Edition or an 61 Gibson SG Custom from the Custom Shop(or any other Custom shop guitar gibson is making), but i don't want Burstbuckers or 57'Classic pickups, and instead wishes pickups from botique makers like Seymour Duncan, Lindy Fralin, Wolfetone, Throbaks or any other botique maker's pickups to be bolted on my guitar, but i don't wanna destroy the 3 year warranty(don't know the accurate), is it possible to make a special order to have specific pickups bolted onto my guitar when ordering it and still have the warranty?


Okey disclaimer; i don't hate Gibson's own pickups or anything, but for my ears, pickups from botique builders is more into what i want, Gibson's own Burstbuckers or 57's is fine, but not what i seek.


Just curius, i'am gonna bolt on another set of pickups on the one i'am currently waiting at, but at a point in future i could possibly order another Custom Shop guitar, so that's why i wonder :/


Regards - RedRosie

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