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Larry Carlton sig.335 pups vibrating


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Hi guys, Im a new Gibson 335 owner with the Larry Carlton 335 model. I am very happy with every aspect of the guitar other than the fact that in both pick ups are vibrating to varying degrees when playing the low E and A strings below the 6/7th fret. This does come through when amplified and is particularly bad when playing a G on the low E string (3rd fret) combined with an open A string....

The bridge pick up doesnt seem to be as secure as the neck, and is the main culprit I think.


Is this a common issue with 335's, can I fix it easily or is this an issue to go to Gibson with?


Thanks in advance,





EDIT: since posting i've tracked the vibration specifically to the neck pick up against its casing on the neck/forward face....

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I have found that the neck pickup on one of my Les Pauls makes a slight rattling sound. If I put my finger on it, it stops.


I have had other guitar pickups do this after adjusting the height of the pickup. Try turning the height adjustment screws up one full turn, then down one full turn. (back to the original height) The height adjustment screw runs down the middle of a tension spring. I believe that over time the spring relaxes. I have removed the pickup and adjustment screw from the trim ring and stretched the spring slightly. When you reassemble the pickup in the trim ring, the spring has more tension and holds the pickup more firmly in place. This tends to stop any vibrations.



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