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funky clip in wiring system


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does everything out of gibson usa use that clip in assembly system?


Im looking at a 2008 SG.


would this have it as well, or is that only found on the newer studios and standards and customs?


i bought a snipped pairs of the pup connector clips and have soldered to a pair of BB1/2 pups


now its UBER easy to swap pups if i feel inclined to do so.


in fact, im planning on buying more to attach to all the diff pups ive wanted to try out and skip out on attempting to cram my fingers, a soldering iron, solder and components into the pickup cavity (cause im too lazy to remove the knobs and and lift the harness out of the cavity to work on it).


its just so quick to swap pups. (and not having to buy a set of liberators and figure those out)


so again, do all post '08 gibbys have this? :-k

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