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Epiphone E-75, Gibson made??


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So I saw this old looking little epiphone amp sitting in the corner of a local music store. Its an Epiphone E-75 solid state. Its obviously a solid state, I know that its 16 watts and was made in Chicago. Oh yeah, it was only $95. I'm gonna go back and play with it today, it seems like, if nothing else, it'd be a cool little amp to have layin around in the recording studio, like an odd little ace in your back pocket. Anyways, my issue is this, I cant find ANY info on these things on the web. I'd like to know what year it was made. I know epiphine started using Japanese factories in the 60's and previous to that, were using Gibsons Kalamozoo factories and I think before that both were in Chicago? so was this thing made in the early 50's? Seems like something that old should be more than $95. But it is so, is it just CRAP or a misinformed seller jus selling a small practice amp at small practice amp prices. Any info anyone has would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for your time...

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