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Do you think this is a fair swap?


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hey i've gotten an old 1966 rickenbacker 365, it's not in mint condition and without original case. I was planning to sell it for 2 grand (pounds), however i've just recived an email from a bloke offering me a 1970 gibson es-345 to px for the rickenbacker. I was wondering how much a 1970's es-345 was worth/ are they any good? I'm thrilled with my les paul goldtop 50's tribute.


all the best



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I would say, depending on the condition of the ES-345, it could be a fair trade. These Gibson guitars from the 1970s, though, can be somewhat problematic if they are from the "Norlin" era. Not all of them are bad. It's probably the case that not even half of all that were produced are bad, and even then it probably has to do with which model guitar we are talking about.


SO: If the one you're considering a trade for is from 1970, I would certainly check it out in person if you can, because that is early in the decade and a lot of coveted Gibbys come from that time as well.


And, just so you have an idea in terms of money, it seems that 1970s ES-345s can sell in the U.S.A. for between $2,500 and $4,000.


Hope this helps.




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