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Buzz/humm in new Swart AST Master

Jared Purdy

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Okay, what the F!$%ck! Maybe I forgot to knock on wood when I posted (on another forum)that I have finally got an amp without issues. Anyways, this is what I have found:


I think that my amp has an issue. I noticed it the other day but it seemed to be intermitent, and it was more pronounced with my LP, so I thought that it might be some kind of electrical interferance. Tonite when I picked up my guitar (LP), the amp would not stop buzzing/humming until I put my hands on the strings, but now it makes no difference, the buzz is constant. When I cut the tone, it's still there, though not as much. When the tremelo is on, the buzz pulsates. It won't stop humming/buzzing regardless of the guitar that I use (my Strat Deluxe,LP Traditional or my daughter's MIM Strat). I took the guitar & amp out to the garage, as it has fairly new wiring, same problem, only when I put my hands on the strings, the buzz was mostly gone, but still there a bit.


I've moved the amp around the house, and it doesn't matter where I plug it in. I have all new wiring in the basement, and it was just as bad there as upstairs. My guitars do not do this on my Fender 75 SFPR, nor any other amp that I have had. It's very loud and cuts through the volume. I just came back from taking it over to my neighbour's, it does it there too.


Suggestions, other than calling Swart in the morning? [sad]

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