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The two window signs are dis-congruous enough, but look beyond the far window sign. What type of furniture is being displayed?


But then again. It may be a sign of the times we live in. My recent mother of two daughter takes target practice every week with a New Mother Shooting group.

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For what it's worth, some of the best target competition shooters on a per capita girl/boy sort of list, and some of the best exhibition shooters have been female - not the least of whom was Annie Oakley.


A U.S. Army shooting coach told me once that if he had as many women as men in his target competition program, it would be the guys begging for separate sex competition because the girls tended to be better shooters under competition stress and were more easily coached.


My Grandma on one side used to shoot jackrabbits with a handgun from her very rural front porch; my Grandma on the other side was extremely proud of her shooting awards.


OTOH, I think it's probably easiest for both males and females to be comfortable around firearms - and even motor vehicles - if they were raised with them. I've known a number of folks, now mostly "gone," who were raised in a mostly horse transportation era who never learned to drive nor cared to. My stepmom "Mom" of some 50 years who was raised in New York City knows the techniques, but will never be a driver. Of course, she'll never be a horsewoman, either.



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