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Jack Casady transformer question


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So I recently picked up a nice Casady bass. Unfortunately, the previous owner took the electronics out since they didn't work correctly. I'm looking at the schematic trying to figure out what the problem is and I noticed that the transformer with the bass is not like the one in the schematic. The bass actually has 2 small transformers kind of taped together. There are no reference numbers on the transformer like the schematic shows.

Does this sound right? Just want to make sure I'm working with the correct parts.

I've e-mailed Gibson a couple times but haven't gotten any response.




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Are you sure those are transformers?


Yeah, they're definitely transformers. I've done quite a bit of electronic repair. Little of the wiring and none of the color codes match up to the schematic. Not sure what they were trying to do but it doesn't work.


I'm trying to find a new, correct transformer but haven't had much luck. Still waiting for a reply from the Gibson support & the local service center.

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