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Embossed pickups question


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Gibson produced guitars with logo embossed pickups between '69 and '72 (I believe). Does anybody know if there were other differences than the cosmetical between these and other Gibson humbuckers from the same period (and the years before and after)?


I'm asking because I have a 1972 Gibson ES 355 with one of the original (embossed) pickups missing, and I want to make this guitar "complete" again by replacing the unoriginal pickup with a original one. But a Gibson embossed pickup from this period is extremely difficult to find on the market, so if the embossed ones don't have anything special to them, I may have to buy a "normal" Gibson pickup from the same period. Then I can at least give my guitar a more authentic sound and feel. But I won't do it if these pickups where "special" in some sort of way.


I hope that someone could give me an answer on this one:)

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