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Robo Head Tuner problem


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Hi all,

I recently got my LP 2010 STD guitar but I think one of the robo heads has a mechanical problem:


Noticed that often the B string cannot tune. The motor will make noise but not turn and the B string MCK led would not turn green.


It appears that there is a mechanical "obstacle" I can feel on each full turn of the robo head - when tuning manually I can feel and hear a mechanical "click".



Any ideas much appreciated!

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"If you hear a winding noise but the RoboHead doesn't move, it might be a connection issue from the powerhead to the neck circuitry" according to the GIBSON DUSK TIGER MANUAL V1.0,3 (Page 37)

So here comes the solution :

"Inspect the tuning peg that doesn't work. If its case is rotated, rotate the RoboHead back to its original position (level with the back plate with the lit up G); this should fix the problem. Then, tighten the nut to make sure the RoboHead stays in this position"

Specially !!!!!"Avoid overtightening—do not exceed 1 ft/pound torque maximum."

But if it's convenient for U 2 take him back to the Gibson Survice, Don't try to fix it by yourself~~Let the experts check out what's wrong with him & fix him ~~~

Good luck ~

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