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epiphone explorer gt and gothic thundernird


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1 st the gt, great guitar, solid tone and great shape and size of sitting or standing. the humbuckers are great the neck being the best.The killpost in the tone control is very useful.The draw back is the position of the volume control but that is minor and is easy to fix by moving your hand.Would like to see some differents coulurs but again it would not put me off.The guitar play great the neck is well designed and allows accurate play.Both clear and distorted it's tone is not lost. The best thinf for me personally is that even thorough a tiny solid state it keep it quality, dont let the price bee a put off.



the Gothic thunderbird was a bass i myself was not sure on, but i have to say i am ver very suprized. 1st iff the thing is huge and the pickups are heavy sounding with out being childish or poor. They give a tone that i can use to play with no problems.the bass is very confortable to play and i have to say i love playing it. both buckers play well and there is no need for mod's just plug in a go. i dont see why more people dont use it. even the most big a tone freak amoung my friend has said tha my tone is so much better after buying it and that not only is it well made but that they might get one as well.i think enough said

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