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Early 70s SG-I Serial Number question

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Hey everyone, does anyone know if the early 70s SG's like the SG-I, SG-II & SG-III had a 6-digit serial number? I got one that should, by all research be a '73 at earliest (the first year they made the SG-I), it has been refinished and the serial number, although hard to read, appears to be 6 digits, from what I can see it is "221978". (It is possible other numbers were covered up by the paint, but it doesn't look likely. The "Made in USA" is also there, but very faint.) Upon searching, however, this date code seemed to correspond to 1964 which can't be right. I guess the next step will be to date it from the pot codes, as everything appears to be original stock, except for the amateur refinish.


(Incidentally, I got this from Guitar Center for $450 and I love it! The mini hum sounds powerful yet vintage at the same time, it plays very nicely and feels similar to my 90s SG-I...the headstock angle is very different - I think Norlin briefly changed from 17 to 14 degrees, though it looks much less, almost straight like a Tele! I still love this collector-overlooked student-workhorse of a guitar though!) The picture I'm attaching isn't my guitar, but it's this same model.

post-6630-097116400 1302821829_thumb.jpg

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