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Modded ES 295 reissue


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So here's my newly modded Gibson ES 295 reissue from 1990. Have replaced stock P100s with Gib P90s & replaced Bigsby with original 1950s 'Les Paul model' wraparound bridge/tailpiece. Made new feet using threaded rod & thumbwheels, which do the job & look great (imho). Mods have given guitar a new life, with amazing resonance & sustain, & it looks exactly as I wanted it. I thought intonation may be an issue from what I've read, but tech has got it 99% there, so I'm well pleased. Before anyone points out that it will never be the same as a 1950s original, I know that, but as I'm never going to be able to afford one, I'm happy I've got the next best thing.

post-27207-044886600 1307213967_thumb.jpg

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