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Finally vacation really comes for me now! Ive had nothing to do for the past couple of days but sitting around.But finally thrusday im going with my parents and brother down to miami to see u2. I have been doing some exsperi ments though I made 3 pickups well 2 one of them got melted...dont ask, the other two are gibson burst buckers(again dont worry the other was a crappy dimarzio with a magnet the size of a sky scrapper in it)I wound the gibson buckers from I think around 8k to 20k lol just a little experiment but they are so hot you just look at them and they scream.The tapping harmonics and just plain tapping is awesome, the notes are so clear and thats probley because I used good old gibson plain enamel wire but enough about that, that's another post but I might put some post up about the concert and talk to you guys later. cya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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