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57 classic and p 90

steve barnabas

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what is the diffrent between them?

what is the sound charracter of 57 classic and p 90?

r they potted?

i have epiphone elitis les paul and epiphone wildkat lmtd ed, i like to play, 60s rock n roll, garage, blues, blues rock, psychedelic rock, lit bit hard rock, lit bit jazz, and lit bit rockabilly, are they is good choice to replace my old pick up?

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In very general terms, the P90 is a big bobbin single coil pickup and tends to have a warmer tone (more mids) and higher output than a small bobbin single coil like you see on a Strat or a Tele, but is clearer than a full size bucker. When overdriven they sound smoother than a full size bucker.


As to whether they are a good choice, this is a matter for your ears but there are plenty of people playing what you play using P90s.


P90s will not fit into a regular humbucker rout. To get around this, a number of pickup makers sell P90s in a humbucker-sized configuration.


Gibson has the P-94.




I happen to really like Pete Biltoft's pickups. Go to:




and scroll down to the "Humbucker-size "P-90" style single coil pickups", and click on the picture for more information. There is even a review by somebody who upgraded an Epi.


Seymour Duncan has the Phat Cat line:





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