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I have seen this topic in other forums and maybe even hear but never seen a resolution....


I have a Les Paul Deluxe cira 1978, its a solid non pancake body with maple neck gold top and has metal peg heads approximatly the same shape as the usual green plastics. In fact if I am correct they are more similar (In shape) to those fitted to a Custom. The rear of the tuner has Gibson written in almost a hand written curly font and is typically kluson in shape rather than grover.


The G String post appears to be shorter than the rest as if it has been depressed. Now I have heard you can pull these things out, but I am not happy to do this as I have heard that this is not actually uncommon and some opinion goes that this was a manufacturing error where 2 different machine head types were fitted by mistake.



Does anyone have a definitive answer to this..I never found one.



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