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checking a pickup


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ok here is a good 1

about 4 months ago thought my digitech gsp 21 died i have had this for years part of my sound

well did find bad capacitor replaced that and all pots and jacks

so im jones to play plug in still nothin

now i have 2 les pauls my primary is a 80 black beuty with a dirty finger in bridge

from a custom explorer i had built in 88

i also own a silver burst with active emg

well after not playing for too long i replace all cables

and my black beuty is ready to fire up

bad noise emits from my rig

plug silver burst in and whamo im jammin

well i am an idiot all along it seems was the dirty finger dadadad

did i mention i am a moron

so the question is does any one know the readings i should see with a multimeter

thank you

sincerely a moron

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