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I am here in search of info on a guitar a friend of mine found. Its a 1976 Les Paul Custom. He found it around 1980 on a road side in Illinois, next to a warehouse parking lot. Basically want to find anyone who might know anything about or anyone who has lost this guitar. The guitar was in a just set down standing possition case and all, just a couple feet from the road. These were set from his phone, I am going to go take some better pics myself one day this week to post.



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Nice of you to do this!


Post the serial number. It's stamped at the rear of the headstock, the top of the guitar where the string tuners are.


Check inside the control cavities, under the truss rod cover, under the pickguard and under the pickups. Some players put their contact information in those locations.


The bridge pickup has been "flipped" so that may help someone ID it. Of course the new owner may have flipped it himself/herself.


Good luck!

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