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Hello from Sacramento area (re Victory Bass)


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Hiya Guys,


First of all I am in Awe of you guys. I've read the posts for a few weeks and you have to be the top 10% of the top 10%. More knowledge here bout Gibson's and subsidiaries than Ive ever seen.


I have just got my brother's 1980s Gibson Victory Artist Bass. It was willed to him from a close (mutual)friend who recently passed on. I'm in my 60s and drooled over the Gibson Ripper Bass in my day, but still preferred the Fender Precision sound.


When I got the Victory My Bro said the Active section wasn't working. I resoldered the cold joints, put in a new 9volt battery, and crossed my fingers. Plugged it into a Peavy 110 Minx Bass amp( 1 10 inch 10 watts) and Voila It fargin worked. And blew my socks off. I musta played for 90 minutes fiddling with the switches and all.


I have a 2005 Fender Precision (Pro Sound) Bass and love the "doink, dwank, bunk", Seinfeld sound but This Victory Artist goes way beyond the P bass. I think it may deserve a second look from Fender bass lovers. It has the "doink, krang bomp", and yet the thunderous BOOM too.


The neck is long (full scale) and well fitting to a large chubby hand like most Gibsons. The Frets are jumbo wide yet smooth to the touch. Just wish my arms and fingers were a little longer. LOL


All in all a best kept Gibson sekret. My brothers Friend Tim Alexander had a Avant-guard band, That toured Europe and Asia in the 80-90s and the Victory would close the show with a solo and then be thrown across the stage. Its like a Timex watch Takes a lickin and keeps on tickin. And its Purple too.


TTL Looker

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Ok..... I figured out how to upload pictures I hope it works








Here is his band A western Front. Nice shot of a 3 pickup Firebird in the beginning



Here is a demo of the sound


I might do a short Youtoub demo comparison between the Victory and my Fender Precision Bass. Not enough time today.

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The Victory bass was an incredible sounding instrument. They were a bit on the heavy side, but in IMHO nothing else from that time held a candle to it unless you were able to get you hands on something like an Alembic model.

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