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Hi all


As a relative new comer to the site I nevertheless have played my trusty deluxe for some 34 years. I have always used a Marshall amp and am very happy with the combination.


We all go on on this site about how the LP sounds and don't get me wrong its the best sound in the world and so very versatile.


I have always wondered if Gibson have a benchmark as to each models sound. By that I mean is each or all models tested on a particular amp because lets face it we all have our individual sound which is obtained from a mixture of model/amp/effects.


But what is really the original sound ](*,)


What do you think?





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Funny you mention is there a benchmark sound, My Brother in Law is an excellent guitarist, he used to change his guitar every 6 months it seemed and has had just about every thing you can think of, I've seen him with the cheapest copies, a 59 Les Paul junior (Which he sat on and broke the neck...) Charvels, Jacksons, Teles an SG and at the moment he has a powder blue Strat (Mex) and a 15 watt tube amp Think this is a Laney, but every guitar he plays, including my LP, all sound the same. It doesn't matter which amp he uses, which guitar he uses, whether he uses a pick or not, he seems to have the ability to get the same sound whatever!


It seems that a lot of tone comes from within yourself judging by him, I don't have that ability and have to "rely" on my LP/Marshall combo!


Incidently His name is Mike Field and his Grandfather was a gentleman name of Harry Field who had a Jazz band (Harry Field Band) and was voted best band in a 1947 Melody Maker poll apparently...He had this Kalamazoo Gibson semi with an enormous dragon inlaid on the back in mother of pearl, unfortunately this went missing shortly after he passed away, but what a guitar!

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